Foto D'Arte Firenze makes this space available to artists who want to showcase, print and sell their personal work.

Thanks to the new Digigraphie® label, we enable artists to control the quality and quantity of their production. 

Our prints are created by an 8-colour Epson Stylus Pro professional printer, with Ultrachrome™ HD™ inks on certified high-quality recommended paper.

Each piece of work is part of a limited-edition, since it is numbered and signed by the artist, embossed and accompanied by its Epson Digigraphie® certificate of authentication.

Contact us, if you wish to add value, exclusivity and visibility to your production by printing and certifying your work to the Digigraphie® standard or if you are interested to purchase a limited-edition print of our collection.

We will enable you to increase your opportunities within the world of fine art.



Simone Baroncelli

Digigraphie paper name : Epson velvet fine art paper 260g

Width : 60.00 cm

Height : 40.00 cm

Number available : 3

Claudio Torrini

Digigraphie paper name : Epson velvet fine art paper 260g

Width : 60.00 cm

Height : 40.00 cm

Number available : 3

 Andrea Bagiardi

Digigraphie paper name : Epson velvet fine art paper 260g

Width : 45.00 cm

Height : 30.00 cm

Number available : 3

 Mila Michelassi

Digigraphie paper name : Epson velvet fine art paper 260g

Width : 45.00 cm

Height : 30.00 cm

Number available : 3


Cristian Ceccanti & Simone Baroncelli | Foto D'Arte Firenze Fine Art



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The day you have dreamt of, imagined and thought about thousands of times in your life has arrived at last, your own wedding day with its unique wealth of emotions. Emotions that come from your past: school, your first love, your first kiss, infatuation and passion. They all make sense when you meet your life soulmate and they can be materialized in your marriage promise, when your lifelong dream becomes a reality at last.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

The period that precedes the ceremony has a particular significance for the future couple. So they decide to entrust this special memory to a "photographic engagement session", as it is called in the USA, where it has already become a norm.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

It is a kind of "prequel" to the marriage photographs, but it has a different language and photographic approach.There are no guests or public rituals to immortalize, just the engaged couple in casual dress, photographed in romantic, amusing and original poses.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

The chosen location is usually a place which has a special memory for the couple: the first meeting, the first kiss, the first shared holiday or the proposal, but they can choose any place they like that has the colour and atmosphere they want to tell their love story.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

For the photographers the engagement session is a perfect moment to get to know the bride and groom and help them get used to the photographic lense, so that on the great day they are not camera shy. Shooting in this relaxed atmosphere helps to create trust and a good relationship which is essential for the wedding day where there is less time due to the ceremony timetable.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

These photos provide the couple with an important chapter to add to their memory keepsake album and give a touch of originality which can be used for the invitations, table decorations, menus, presents for the guests so they will have a special memory of the day to take home with them.

Love and Passion, Art and Photography - - Cristian Ceccanti & Ivan Rossi photographers

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Without doubt after the long period of preparation and organization, the actual wedding day slips away frenetically leaving the bride and groom with the sensation that time has flown.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

At the end of the day, when tiredness and happiness replace the initial emotions, the memories remain of each significant moment of the ceremony: waiting for the bride, the bride's entrance in Church, the exchange of wedding rings, the embrace of friends, moments of collective joy and laughter.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

But there are also many moments unseen by the couple, which contribute to this special day: touching glances of the nostalgic parents, the distracted children at play and what is never missing the “divertissement”, the moment when something unexpected and funny happens.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

The photographer's task is to collect and immortalize these moments for future generations of the new family, but also for the parents, relations and friends as tangible memories of their shared joy on that festive day.

The photos must not only bring back to mind the moment and freeze it in time but also help you relive that moment with all its sensations. Nothing is better than “a memory keepsake” of that special day to hold and transmit those sensations and emotions.

For this reason Foto D'arte Firenze has always taken great care to present

exclusive, elegant and quality fine art prints, choosing materials which will last through the test of time.

Your box of prints will become a work of art, a treasure chest where every print is a never to be forgotten thought carved in your memory forever.


Love and Passion, Art and Photography - - Cristian Ceccanti & Ivan Rossi photographers

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Close to Piazza della Repubblica, in the heart of Florence, Palazzo Davanzati is a "must" for anyone who wants to feel the atmosphere of a typical Florentine mansion during the Renaissance.

It has survived the ravages of time when Florence was the capital of Italy and is a rare example of hybrid architecture between two epochs, combining the typical verticality of the medieval house with its tower and the spaciousness of the Renaissance Palace spread around its central court. For centuries, it has been the frame of the public and private lives of rich Florentine merchants and their families: first the Davizzi, who built it around the middle of 14th century, then the Bartolini Salimbeni, who bought it in 1516 and finally the Davanzati, who owned it from 1578 to 1838, the year in which Carlo, the last male heir of the Palace committed suicide. 

Since then, several structural modifications have determined the building we can see today, the most significant that of the eclectic antiquarian Elia Volpi, who bought it at the beginning of 20th century and furnished it in 14th century style to destine it as a private Museum "della Casa Fiorentina Antica". It soon became a Neo-Renaissance inspiration for foreign tourists, especially Americans.

Finally, in 1951 the building became the property of the Italian State and was destined as a Public Museum. Over the years it has gathered collections and precious objects from Florentine Galleries and donations resulting in a typical domestic Renaissance environment.

Visitors can admire the rich decorations, statues, pictures, affreschi with their stories of knights, tapestries and a precious collection of finely carved furniture with objects of every day use. You can relive the atmosphere of Renaissance daily life, its commerce, chivalric love, domestic work and pastimes when Florence was "the hub" of art, culture and wealth.

The Museum was closed to the public for a number of years due to restoration. Foto D'Arte Firenze shot a photographic campaign to document its new splendour, a work of prestige which required great accuracy and competence.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

To follow: a link for the Polo Museale Fiorentino to take a virtual tour of the Museum.

Polo Museale Fiorentino | Museum of Palazzo Davanzati

Cristian Ceccanti & Ivan Rossi photographers | Foto D'Arte Firenze @ Museum of Palazzo Davanzati | Via Porta Rossa 13, Florence

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Foto D'Arte Firenze launched this blog six months ago, our stories, told through the words and images caught by our lens, has captured the imagination of more and more readers.

Thanks to your enthusiasm, a month ago we decided to update the blog weekly. Your affectionate response was a pleasant surprise. As you can see from the graph, our readers are international too, coming from Europe, the USA, Brazil, China and many other countries.  

Artistic beauty and the wonderful Tuscan landscape has been a collective magnet and rewarded our efforts to capture them. So once again we would like to thank our weekly readers, hoping you will return each week and enjoy sharing your stories which we unfold in our photos for you. 

Cristian Ceccanti & Ivan Rossi photographers | Foto D'Arte Firenze

Love and Passion, Art and Photography

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Foto D'Arte Firenze and Chianti Viaggi become Media Partners

An exclusive event for Chianti Viaggi's premium customers, in cooperation with "VIAGGIDEA", prestigious brand and market-leader of the Italian tour operating business.

The chosen location for the gala dinner is Villa Casagrande, a remarkable villa dating back to the XIVth century, inside Figline Valdarno's medieval walls.

All the people working for Chianti Viaggi have many years of experience with honeymooners, offering off the beaten-track routes, including weddings in exotic locations.


If you wish to make your honeymoon unforgettable, please visit Chianti Viaggi's web site to discover the beauty of a trip in tune with your Wishes.

All the travel proposals that you will find in the "honeymooners" section are the exclusive result of a careful selection of places and top-level locations.

"Honeymoon e-motion" is a package of free gifts and exclusive services for honeymooners, that makes your journey unique and unforgettable.

If you choose Chianti Viaggi, your journey will start before departure.

Roberta Giusti & Stefano Mealli are ready to welcome you in an elegant and reserved area, much better if out of the office hours or on Sundays, without other customers around, the best way to express your most intimate needs.

Stefano Mealli

Key account & business travel

Cristian Ceccanti photographer @

Media Partners

 Chianti by Mtb & Co. Agenzia di viaggi e turismo | Member of Welcome Travel Team | Via Roma 65 - Figline Valdarno - Florence

Chianti viaggi agenzia

Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:00

Luxury Weddings - Everything for the elite

Foto D'Arte Firenze is proud to have contributed to the realization of the new Parenti website online for your wedding lists and presents.

Cristian Ceccanti & Ivan Rossi photographers @ Parenti Showroom in Florence

Parenti was founded in 1865 and is one of the oldest and most renowned shops in Via Tornabuoni 93R Florence.

Do go and visit it online, you won't regret it as you can see from this gallery of pictures!


Foto D'Arte Firenze had great pleasure following the experts bringing Canova's masterpieces back to life.

For a year and a half we photographed this slow and meticulous workmanship from the beginning to the end.

We would like to share these particular moments with you. Here is a gallery of photos which were taken in Venice in the Storerooms of the Galleria dell'Accademia where the Metope of Canova had been taken to be restored.

Cristian Ceccanti & Ivan Rossi photographers | Foto D'Arte Firenze @ Venice for Antonio Canova

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