In the article about the memory keepsake, we mentioned a selection of photos taken to represent the key moments of the marriage day.

In the past the photographer was hampered by the great preparation needed to take a photo. Today with the digital revolution he is able to catch all those special moments and not just the ceremony ritual.

This, together with the evolution of the social network, social changes and attitudes towards marriage has radically changed the language of wedding photography which has had to meet new canons of communication.

Marriage in no longer just characterised by the institutional moments of the ceremony but inspired by the narrative of reportage and street photography.

The events which best adapt themselves to this typology are the preparation of the bride, behind the scenes on the special day, the bride and groom walking into their future with all their emotions, hopes and expectations.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

The marriage, like a play at the theatre puts the bridal couple in the limelight as opposed to their private moments. Its scenes of colletive festivity exalt the family, friends, the group and the photographer must move silently in the middle of all this and catch each gesture which might best describe the mood of the celebration.

© Foto D'Arte Firenze

These moments interpret an artistic genre and the photographer must use his sensitivity to regulate composition, frame, effects and chiaroscura, giving a rhythm and a personal stamp to the photographic marriage narrative. Thus it becomes "a work of art".

Love and Passion, Art and Photography - - Cristian Ceccanti & Ivan Rossi photographers

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